The Great Passage : Such an underrated anime.

Remember when we don’t have any electronic gadgets like mobile phones, computers etc. We used to ask someone or just go through our dictionary whenever we wanted to find a meaning of that word. I still remember how I used to turn the pages of my dictionary when I was a kid. It was really fun to know the meanings of the words which I doesn’t know. Have you ever wondered how much time does it take to create a dictionary?

The Great Passage anime shows us all about that.

Mitsuya Majime who used to work in Genbu Shobo’s sales has been recruited by Kouhei Araki of Dictionary editorial department in order to help them with creating a new dictionary named “The Great Passage” or “Fune wo amu”. Araki wanted to find someone who will show love towards this work as he does after his retirement. The anime revolves around how everyone tries there best in order to create the dictionary.


Can you imagine that it might take 10 or mores years in order to create a dictionary, and even though if you think it is complete it is not as the year pass on by there will be Discovery of so many words and the dictionary has to be revised again and again. This anime showed me how much hard and fun it is to create a good dictionary. I really loved this story guys. It’s so Clam and peaceful with out ups and downs and makes you relax and more importantly it will makes you realize how awesome a dictionary is. The characters, we can’t find any fault in them, my favorite is of course Mitsuya Majime.

Even though he is not an active or fun person he is good and I feel in love at first sight with him.

It’s a must watch anime guys. I can’t believe how it became so underrated as it has such a good story with good animation. Even the character designs are good. It doesn’t become slow in the middle and kept the story neatly. If you looking for a good and heart warming anime then I would recommend this anime to you guys.

Story: 9.5/10

Opening song:. 9.5/10


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