rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai: An anime with best waifus.

Hello everyone I am back after a long time with a good anime to review. As you can see in the title, today I am going to review on bunny girl senpai.

As this anime has multiple stories I am just going to keep the plot sweet and short. Sakuta Azusagawa a high school boy helps others by dealing himself with Adolescence Syndrome.

When I say different stories it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any connection between the episodes.There will be a connection but you will get it when you watch the anime.

I gonna go straight to the review. As I said in the title this anime has best waifus in it. There won’t be any single character you will hate in it. This anime has like 6 girls in it and the protagonist helps each and everyone of them who is suffering from Adolescence Syndrome. One of them even ends up to be his girlfriend and they kind of look cute together 😍.

I really really love Sakuta even though he is kind of pervert in his own way he only belongs to one girl Mai and the conversation between them is so cute and sweet that I can’t stop looking at them. Mai trusts him so much that even tho he is helping another girl Tomoe as her boyfriend she doesn’t doubt him and asks him to be careful.

There is no jealousness or fights between girls for the boy and boy ditching his girlfriend and starts having feelings for other girls which is kind of good. From the starting to the ending the anime runs smoothly. When I read the title I thought that this anime may be kind of weird but I am wrong. Don’t get trapped by the title as this anime is awesome and will be one of my best anime out there. The can’t bear the suspense at the ending and I hope that they will relieve the truth in the movie ( can’t wait for the movie though 😍). So this is anime is amazing and I recommend each and every one to watch it.



Opening and ending songs :10/10.

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