Cells at work ( Full review ) and life update

Hello everyone, Anjani here. I can’t believe that I am writing a post after a long time and I think it’s been like a month.

So coming to the point, I changed my job ( I wish I didn’t do that ). This new company sucks when compared to the previous one. I feel like they are sucking my blood away. I miss doing so many things which I used to do when I was in my previous organization like watching anime. These people takes up so much of my time that it is irritating. But not to worry I will survive in this company as long as I am healthy and you guys will see more posts from me. I got some time from my work and I am way behind then everyone in watching anime. I wanted to watch an anime so I googled it and I found this anime called “Cells at work”. It looked interesting and I wanted to watch it and what’s next it made me happy. So here it is the review of cells at work.


Cells at work is a manga which is entirely based on the human body such as the cells in it and how they work in order to keep us healthy.


Thanks for this anime that I am more conscious about my body now. I really loved the way the author showed the importance of each and every cell of our body with this anime or manga. You may think that this anime is a comedy but it even has some tragedy in it ( I hope you got what I mean)

I really like the way the author related the human body world with our real world. If we think it deeply it is like this

White blood cells/ T killer cells/NK cells:

They are like police, commandos or Army forces which protects us from the enemies.

Common cells: common people like us.

Red blood cells: The most important part of our body and I don’t know which category should I put them. They help us when we need them the most so I am going to put them in rescue force team.

I love the characters in this anime mainly the blood platelets. I never knew that I have such cute platelets in my body.

Each scenario in each episode has been linked with natural calamities like the heat stroke which is related to global warming or draught. The allergies scenario is related to the comets thing.

The author has really worked hard with this manga as this is so good.

I really like the romance between the white blood cell and the red blood cell. It’s not like they confessed to each other or anything but the way they cared for each other is so cute.

I am telling you, after watching this anime you will literally start thinking about your body and how can I forget about the opening, it is sung by the voice actors of this anime and it is so good and I never skipped the opening for once.

This anime is so good and it gives good entertainment. If you are finding an anime without too much drama in it then go for it, you will definitely enjoy this anime.

My rating for this anime

Story: 10/10

Characters: 10/10 (5 extra for cute platelets)

Opening: 9/10.

3 thoughts on “Cells at work ( Full review ) and life update

  1. I am always hesitant to apply for new jobs because the devil you know is sometimes better than the devil you don’t. Either way, things can change. There was a time when it was so quiet at my current job that I could watch anime during the afternoon shifts. These days it’s really busy and the bosses watch us like a hawk, so no more animated fun.

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  2. New jobs can be tough, but good luck at your new workplace! Happy to see you back.


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