Black Butler season 2: They ruined Sebastian for me.

I really love season 1 but after watching season 2 I was literally confused. I was like “what happened to these people why did they made this season so dark”

No offense guys but I didn’t like season 2. The only thing I loved in it is the opening.

I was upset when I thought why did the author written it like this. I did some research and found out that this season didn’t follow the manga and I was so happy to know it. I know that the creators of season 2 really tried to impress us but to me they couldn’t do it.

I know that Sebastian is a demon and he should be evil but the Sebastian in season 1 is completely different from the season 2.

He was sweet and all but in this season I can only see him seeing Ciel as food and nothing else.

Adding new character who looks like Sebastian didn’t help me. I know they tried there best to capture everyone’s heart but it’s a no for me.

When it comes to the story if you have seen season 1 then it is a continuation of it, at least they tried to continue it like that. We can see new characters and new story of them and it is kind of good.
Alois, a traumatized kid who gets into a contract with a spider demon or just a demon in order to get freedom. On the other hand Claude Faustus the demon who made a contract with Alois is after Ciel’s soul as it is tasty πŸ˜‘.

I am telling you guys this season is nothing but two demons trying to get tasty food.

But there are some things which will squeeze your heart and that is Alois past. That kid only wanted someone to love him and he thought that his Butler/Demon loved him but it was completely opposite of it. I really hated this character at first but as the episodes goes on I kind of like him.

The ending of this anime how should I say this, it’s soooooo irritating, if you haven’t seen the second season yet then I don’t want to spoil it for you.

I can’t believe like how much I love season 1 and season 2 just spoiled it for me and I am kind of upset with this season. There is not much of a comedy and gentleness of Sebastian in this season when compared to season 2 and one more thing “Yes my Lord” is much better than “Yes your highness” what I meant is Sebastian is much better than Claude😜. So I am happy that the creators want to make the fans happy with this season but for me it was a no.

My rating for this season

Story: 7/10

Characters: 8/10

Opening song :10/10 πŸ˜‚

3 thoughts on “Black Butler season 2: They ruined Sebastian for me.

  1. In my experience when an anime starts to do its own thing and not follow the source material it begins to fall apart.


  2. Season 2 really doesn’t paint Sebastian in a good light. I kind of hate Sebastian in that season. He gives me the creeps in season 2 πŸ™‚
    Thankfully, Book of Circus is a lot better πŸ˜€ I love Book of Circus πŸ˜€


  3. I still just like to pretend season 2 didn’t happen. I love season one and I love Book of Circus and Book of Murder. I have Book of the Atlantic to watch just as soon as I get a free weekend. But yeah, season 2 did not work for me at all.


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